Freestanding household appliances


Liebherr fridge-freezers are the space-saving answer when you want to store large quantities of fresh and frozen food. Choose from the many different models and designs available. Freestanding fridge-freezers

Freestanding and table-height refrigerators

Single person household? Large family? From compact table-height refrigerators to spacious freestanding appliances, Liebherr's product range offers everyone the solution they're looking for. Freestanding and table-height refrigerators


Whether you have a large utility room or a small kitchen, Liebherr has freezers to meet your every need; all characterised by innovative technology and high energy efficiency. Freestanding freezers

Chest freezers

With a generous interior capacity, Liebherr chest freezers are ideal for storing larger amounts of frozen food - they are easy-to-use, offer great product presentation and have good energy efficiency. Freestanding chest freezers


Liebherr Side-by-Side appliances provide plenty of space for refrigerated and frozen goods. They are extremely impressive in terms of their outstanding flexibility and their truly eye-catching, premium design. Freestanding Side-by-Side appliances

Wine cabinets

Whether you want to store your wines at serving temperature or for longer periods, Liebherr wine cabinets offer an optimal storage climate and exclusive presentation. Freestanding wine cabinets

Design and lifestyle: compact appliances

Exclusive cigars, fine wines or freshly chilled drinks – Liebherr compact appliances provide perfect storage for life's little pleasures. Compact appliances


Even greater organisation and energy efficiency: with their many sophisticated features and specialised accessories, Liebherr freestanding appliances can be optimally customised according to your needs. Special features

Food storage

BioFresh technology achieves the optimal interplay of temperature and humidity, which allows even sensitive foods to retain their flavour and vitamins for longer. Food storage with BioFresh


Award-winning design: the finishes and contours of Liebherr appliances offer timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Design editions


In developing its refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr pays a lot of attention to customer needs so that appliances are convenient to use and make everyday life easier. Convenient functions

Wine expertise

Carefully cultivated, professionally aged and perfectly temperature-managed: only with precisely the right storage technology can wine be enjoyed to its utmost. Wine expertise