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Product Security and Telecomms Infrastructure

The UK’s consumer connectable product security regime comes into effect on 29 April 2024. This means that household products which can be connected to the Internet must comply with the following:
• Passwords must be unique or capable of being defined by the user.
• The manufacturer must provide information on how to report security issues.
• The manufacturer must provide information on the minimum security support period.

All relevant goods supplied by Liebherr-Great Britain Limited into UK retailers from this date are compliant with this legislation. This includes all Internet connectable models (those supplied with a SmartDevice either fitted or included in the box with the appliance), the SmartDeviceBox accessory, and the HNGRYnsite camera). They are compliant in that:
• Passwords are unique or are capable of being defined by the user.
• Security issues can be reported using the contact page.
• Liebherr offers a minimum security support period of 2 years from production of these items.

The current statement of comformance for each appliance, by factory of origin, can be found below. If your model is not listed, please contact us.

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