News | 01/28/2021 Liebherr appliances ensure safe storage of temperature-sensitive substances down to -86 degrees Celsius

Pharmaceuticals, research materials and vaccines are sensitive substances which frequently require extremely low temperatures when stored. Innovative technology and a new type of appliance now allow Liebherr-Hausgeräte to also offer the option of ultra-low temperature refrigeration in the temperature range of -40 to -86 degrees Celsius.

Some of the new mRNA vaccines are more sensitive to heat than other vaccines. Liebherr’s ultra-low temperature freezers enable ultra-low temperature refrigeration down as far as -86 degrees Celsius.

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For many years Liebherr-Hausgeräte has been successfully developing and manufacturing refrigerators for use in laboratories and in the medical sector. Recent years have seen increased requests from customers in particular for refrigerators able to achieve extremely cold temperatures far below 0 degrees Celsius. So that future requests can also be met and to enable all projects to be implemented, Liebherr has adapted to market requirements in the shape of the new ultra-low temperature freezers and has added a product to its portfolio.

Pharmacy fridges and laboratory refrigerators - a wide range of applications and maximum safety

The Liebherr-Hausgeräte product range also includes pharmacy fridges and laboratory refrigerators specifically designed for the storage of various compounds, samples and pharmaceuticals as well as flammable and explosive substances in medical institutions and laboratories. Liebherr refrigerators ensure optimal storage conditions at constant temperatures with the use of precision and smart electronic controllers, highly effective insulation and also innovative cooling technologies. Integrated safety systems sound the alarm in the event of temperature deviations using a visual and audible warning system and offer additional protection to ensure the cold chain is maintained.

New to the Liebherr product range - ultra-low temperature freezers

With this addition to the product range, Liebherr now covers the entire spectrum of refrigeration and freezing appliances serving a wide variety of application areas and temperature ranges. The new ultra-low temperature freezers are specifically designed for extremely low temperatures of -40 to -86 degrees Celsius and are used in particular for the storage of sensitive substances such as DNA, viruses, proteins and vaccines - and also for some of the new mRNA vaccines. The appliances come fitted with the most energy-saving cooling system currently available. This is cascade cooling with two refrigeration circuits and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants. The appliances are therefore highly energy efficient and sustainable.

Further information about Liebherr solutions for the cooling of pharmaceuticals, research materials and vaccines is available atühlen-von-impfstoffen