News | 12/22/2020 One million units per year for the first time

The millionth appliance in 2020 rolled off the production line! The joy about the fridge-freezer combination was enormous among all employees.

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While the annual production volume in 2000 was still 14,000 units, it has now risen to one million units per year.

Shortly before Christmas 2020, Liebherr-Hausgeräte Marica reached the sound barrier of one million units in annual production. While the forecast in March was still at 844,000 units, in December, due to the high demand, it went in the direction of one million. On December 19, 2020, the time had come. The millionth appliance rolled off the production line: a fridge-freezer combination of the current London Calling Limited Edition in the world-famous typical design of a red telephone booth from Great Britain.

Gerhard Diewald, Head of Factory Marica:

"We mobilized all our forces and made it possible, which was hardly imaginable at first. We worked one shift on Saturdays and even on holidays, and sometimes two shifts. Despite many challenges caused by the Corona pandemic, production in Marica did not stand still for a single day. We managed this together with tremendous dedication and great team spirit. I'm proud of that."

Hristo Georgiev, Head of Finance & Administration Factory Marica:

"We have proven that, full of dedication and enthusiasm for our work, we are capable of breaking records even in difficult times, consolidating the place of the Marica site within the Appliance Division and securing the valuable jobs. For this I would like to thank all our employees!"