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News | 02/01/2023

Interview: With mental flexibility to SmartMonitoring

The storage of refrigerated medicines, vaccines and samples requires a lot of time and attention. To ensure that professional medicine refrigerators cool reliably, a team of Liebherr software experts has developed SmartMonitoring. Sascha Herrmann, Team Leader for Browser UIs at the Refrigerators and Freezers Division of Liebherr-Hausgeräte Ochsenhausen GmbH, accompanied the project together with his team from the very beginning. Find out more

News | 11/30/2021

Where business and science develop digital solutions

From the Internet of Things, cloud solutions and data science to mobile apps: For just over a year, a global team from Liebherr-Hausgeräte has been working on digital future topics at the Ulm Science Park. Find out more

News | 08/03/2021

Kai Friedrich appointed new Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co.

Liebherr is pleased to announce the appointment of Kai Friedrich as Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co., the sales and service organization based in Newport News, Virginia. Friedrich will be taking over the role previously held by Peter Mayr. Find out more

News | 07/26/2021

Chasing the cold

Refrigeration technology is everywhere: in the home, in supermarkets, in the office, in manufacturing, in museums or in operating theatres,. It provides the latest in precision control; from ambient comfort and fresh food through to cold storage and super-freezing for sensitive, life-saving medical products and vaccines. Find out more

News | 03/01/2021

Liebherr-Hausgeräte: Introducing a New Range of Fully Integrated Appliances

Cooling like never before. The latest generation of fully integrated appliances from Liebherr features new technical innovations, top energy efficiency levels, optimised noise emissions and a timeless design. Find out more

News | 03/01/2021

Liebherr-Hausgeräte is switching to the new EU energy label and continues to impress with its energy efficiency

On 1 March 2021, the EU will be introducing a new energy label to make it easier for consumers to recognise the efficiency of electrical appliances and identify energy-saving products more quickly. Liebherr is also doing its bit to help the climate with a new and highly energy-efficient series of fully integrated appliances. Find out more

News | 01/28/2021

Liebherr appliances ensure safe storage of temperature-sensitive substances down to -86 degrees Celsius

Pharmaceuticals, research materials and vaccines are sensitive substances which frequently require extremely low temperatures when stored. Innovative technology and a new type of appliance now allow Liebherr-Hausgeräte to also offer the option of ultra-low temperature refrigeration in the temperature range of -40 to -86 degrees Celsius. Find out more

News | 12/22/2020

One million units per year for the first time

While the annual production volume in 2000 was still 14,000 units, it has now risen to one million units per year. Find out more

News | 06/29/2020

The cold that came from the sun – the story of the Liebherr solar refrigerator

Many objects have a history. But that of an inconspicuous Liebherr refrigerator from 1994, which stood forgotten for decades in a warehouse, is a very special one: It tells of historians and developers, the sun, Africa and the birth of Liebherr’s modern energy-saving household appliances. Find out more

News | 01/28/2020

Liebherr to celebrate 50th anniversary in the USA

Liebherr in the United States is celebrating 50 years of success as a leading manufacturer in North America this year. Find out more

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