Press releases | 04/05/2024 The first choice for professional requirements in research and laboratory settings: the new fridge-freezers

Liebherr expands its scientific freestanding appliance portfolio with new fridge-freezers specifically designed for the strict requirements in research and laboratory facilities. The appliances impress with enhanced safety, reliability and adherence to standards while also being very easy to use. They meet the specific key requirements for daily use in biotechnology and pharma research.

“The high-quality fridge-freezers show that Liebherr is a reliable professional partner for laboratories, universities and corporate R&D departments”, says Steffen Nagel, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Liebherr. “We have worked intensely on the requirements demanded by our customers and now have a tailor-made solution in our new scientific appliances. Not least, we have been able to set new standards for performance, quality and durability”.

Multiple solutions for stringent requirements

Maximum temperature stability ensures optimal storage conditions for sensitive substances. The fridge compartments only deviate by a maximum of ±3 °C from the set temperature and the freezer compartments deviate by no more than ±5 °C. Various alarm functions also offer effective protection against unplanned temperature fluctuations and enable a rapid response to any potential impact on the quality of the stored contents.

If the temperature falls below +2 °C due to a malfunction, the SafetyDevice takes control and protects the contents from freezing. The appliances can be connected to Liebherr SmartMonitoring via a WiFi/LAN interface. This not only ensures uninterrupted documentation; it also enables continuous monitoring to detect and deal with potential risks as early as possible. The new external data logger now means that Liebherr appliances that have not previously been compatible with SmartMonitoring and even appliances from other manufacturers can now also be easily and conveniently connected to SmartMonitoring.

Ease of use is the focus of the design of the new fridge-freezers. Intuitive menu navigation makes the appliances simple to operate. The antibacterial lever handle and easy-to-clean interior provide additional convenience and hygiene. The appliance doors remain open automatically at an opening angle of more than 90° for easy loading and unloading, aiding workflows.

Fridge-freezers in two model series

The new fridge-freezers in the Performance (SCFfg 4002) and Perfection series (SCFvh 4002, SCFvh 4032) are made with a high focus on safety and in line with applicable standards. The appliances in the Performance series not only comply with the IEC 61010-2-011 safety standard but also the ATEX directive and are designed for the storage of flammable materials. The Perfection series is excellent for general laboratory use and also meets the requirements of IEC 61010-2-011 and DIN 13277.

Outstanding sustainability

The new Liebherr fridge-freezers set new standards in sustainability. The brand’s aim is to minimise the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle. The efforts to date have been awarded gold for 2023 by EcoVadis, the world’s leading sustainability ratings agency. Liebherr is among the top three percent of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis worldwide. It’s also important to conserve valuable resources during the service life of appliances, as well as during the manufacturing process. That is why Liebherr appliances consume very little power and can be found in the most economical energy efficiency classes. It’s clear to see why the brand continues to be the reliable partner for professional requirements in multiple sectors including biotechnology, pharma research and healthcare.


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