WarrantyPlus : Your comprehensive appliance protection

available for all Liebherr appliances that have been purchased in the last two years.

Security for up to 10 years 

You can relax with the extended guarantee from Liebherr, your appliance is covered for up to 10 years. The comprehensive protection of WarrantyPlus includes:

  • All inclusive: no parts, labour or travel costs
  • No need to shop around for repair quotes
  • Spare parts availability for up to 10 years

It’s that easy to protect your appliance

1. Select your extended guarantee

Use the form below to select your appliance by entering your serial number.

2. Purchase your guarantee

We will confirm your purchase and update our database to reflect your extended cover.

3. You’re covered

From the day your 2 year standard guarantee ends, your WarrantyPlus kicks in.

Take out your extended guarantee in just a few steps

To protect your appliance, we need some details about your purchase and your chosen guarantee extension option. Please enter your data in the form below.

You will need the following to complete the extended guarantee

1. A Liebherr domestic appliance purchased from a UK retailer in the last 2 years

2. The serial number of your appliance. You can find this on the nameplate, usually on the inside left of your appliance. It is 9 digits, separated by dots.


3. Upload a copy of your proof of purchase (jpeg or pdf) for validation of your purchase.

What does the extended guarantee cost for my appliance?

    2+3 years security 2+8 years security
Gruppe 1
Group 1 £50 - £75 £90 - £125

Gruppe 2

Group 2

£80 - £130 £155 - £250

Gruppe 3

Group 3

£70 - £190 £135 - £365
Gruppe 4
Group 4 £210 - £250 £400 - £440

Your extended appliance protection is active from the your order is confirmed, and begins automatically after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Prices shown are indicative. For exact pricing for your appliance, please enter your serial number above.